Engage with ESIF!

VAL has secured development funding from the Big Lottery Fund to help the sector engage with the new European funding programme across Leeds City Region.

Last week the Big Lottery Fund announced that VAL had been the successful bidder for their Building Better Opportunities Programme Development Funding for Leeds City Region (LCR). The funding has been awarded to help support the sector to engage in the new European Structural Investment Funds (ESIF) programme being developed by the LCR Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), and this will enable VAL to build on the work already undertaken through Supporting Links to Commissioning around this new funding programme. 

VAL bid for the money on the basis of a partnership proposal with its partners in a new group with the working title Leeds City Region Infrastructure Consortium; the group at present consists of CVSs from across the city region, together with Involve and Your Consortium.

About Engage with ESIF!

Engage with ESIF! will consist primarily of  a series of engagement events and workshops delivered at district level in conjunction with the local partners, in response to both the need and demand in each district, and the developing commissioning intentions of the ESIF Local-Sub Committee (LSC), which sits under the LEP; these events may also include thematic sessions at either district, cross-district or city region-wide level, as appropriate.

In addition, new ESIF pages will be developed on this website to provide a central information point for the sector, and a database of interested organisations will be developed for both communications and potential bid and partnership development purposes.

Although the funding has been awarded, the activity will not start until early December; in the meantime you can still refer to the existing European funding page or the LEP’s ESIF page

Find out more

If you would like to put your name down for the new mailing-list that will be developed for Engage with ESIF!, please email richard.norton@val.org.uk