White Ribbon Campaign 16 Days of Action from 25 November

Leeds Men's Health & Wellbeing Network is supporting this years White Ribbon Campaign.

white ribbon logo

16 Days of Action from 25 November 2014, the White Ribbon Campaign gets men to address issues of domestic violence against women.

Whilst the Council is encouraging schools, children's centre, libraries, organisations etc. in the city to do something the network is asking voluntary groups to try to also do something.

This could be as simple as wrapping trees with white ribbons and telling people why you are doing this.  Members of voluntary groups can sign the pledge not to condone domestic violence against women at www.whiteribboncampaign.co.uk

Your can also order white ribbon pins, posters, postcards etc. from The White Ribbon Campaign Tel. 01422 886 545 or 07595 349 880.

With best wishes,

Barry Ewart, Secretary, Leeds Men's Health &Wellbeing Network.