Third Sector Leeds launches the “Advisers Network”

Third Sector Leeds has developed an Advisers Network, whose purpose is to provide specialist knowledge and information on request at strategic meetings, boards and partnerships across the city.

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What is this?   The Advisers Network is a “bank” of people who are members of the Third Sector Leeds Assembly (sign up here to be a member of the Assembly) who are willing to be called upon, to share their knowledge and expertise on given themes, at strategic conversations, meetings and boards.  

The bank of advisers will support Third Sector Leeds activities and through these advisers will improve knowledge, enable two-way communications and demonstrate more accessible involvement.

For example: The Children’s and Families Trust Board as part of the agenda are discussing improving children’s play. Leeds Play Network would be asked as an adviser to support the Advocate (Advocates are elected in to these roles by Third Sector Leeds) to provide specialist play knowledge and information to inform the conversation.    

Managed by Third Sector Leeds, officers will ensure that the network is accessible to Third Sector Leeds and other appropriate networks, forums and key stakeholders, and it aims to be the first point of contact if an adviser is required to support the activity of Third Sector Leeds.  
The network does not intend to meet and will run on a virtual basis, of which members will only be contacted when roles are required, so if you are already a member its just a case of sitting and waiting for opportunities to be promoted through the Third Sector Leeds bulletin!  

Members will be asked to contribute to the Annual Advocates review which is a review measuring the impact Advocates and Advisers have had over a twelve month period.

I want to be an Adviser. If you wish to join the Advisers Network email the following person who will provide you with more information and how to sign up

I need to be an Assembly member so how do I join? To be a member of the Third Sector Assembly please sign up by clicking this link

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