LeedsACTS! December 2014 Update

The main points of the 21 November meeting of the LeedsACTS! steering group.

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Leeds ACTS! (Academic Collaboration with the Third Sector) is an exciting partnership programme which aims to drive collaboration between the Third Sector and higher education institutions in Leeds.

Leeds ACTS! is overseen by a steering group and these are the main points of its most recent meeting on 21 November:

Food Event

LeedsACTS! “Food Now & in the Future” Event  was held on 5 November at Hillside Centre and was a great success with a good show from the universities and Third Sector. Interesting discussions and seedcorn ideas were put forth.

Third Sector Infomatics Project (TSIP)

The TSIP report is now available on the Leeds ACTS page. It has been referenced in a national strategy as well as being noted in a draft strategy for Integrated Infomatics Commision Executive (ICE). The case studies have been particularly well received. The network launch event was 10 December.


To increase internal communication, guidelines for producing reports will be written for the steering group. To increase external communication about how to collaborate through LeedsACTS!, a document is being produced for the Leeds ACTS page

Evaluation of LeedsACTS!

The tender has been sent out again clarifying more specifically the expectations.

Seedcorn Films

Further editing is required before the seedcorn films will be uploaded onto the Leeds ACTS! page. An FAQ will be produced to inform anyone considering applying. New funding will be launched in the new year.


The next steering group meeting will be held on 10 February and the main points will be available via the Leeds ACTS! pages shortly after.