People with learning disabilities in Leeds are exploring art therapy

People Matters has received funding of nearly £50K from People’s Health Trust, & will be providing sessions three times a week for adults and young people with disabilities from across Leeds.

Starting in January 2015, People Matters will be providing sessions for adults and young people over 14 at their base in Holbeck to promote health and wellbeing in body and mind through art and performance.

Art therapy can benefit people who feel down, anxious, worried, depressed, or who have maybe experienced bereavement. The Art Therapist in the project will help people to find their own ways to use the art materials and to think about the images they create. This can help people to understand themselves and their difficulties. People do not need to be good at drawing and painting, just willing to use the art materials in this way. The Art Therapist is not there to judge art work, or to teach skills.

In contrast the topics in other sessions will be chosen by participants and may include dance, drama, fitness and performance opportunities like recent events at St James Hospital and the Central library in Leeds city centre.

The team at People Matters is very keen to receive new referrals for this project, particularly from people who have never experienced this sort of opportunity. People can refer themselves or alternatively these can come from friends, neighbours, family or professionals such as those in health and social care. They also want to hear from health professionals such as dentists or opticians who would like to work with them to improve information and access for people with learning disabilities who have difficulty or are worried about accessing health care.   

For more information about the project contact Sally or Lucy on 0113 2346896  or visit 


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