LeedsACTS! partnership group February 2015 meeting

Please find below the main points of the 9 February 2015 meeting of the LeedsACTS! partnership group.

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Leeds ACTS! Evaluation

The evaluation of Leeds ACTS! is now set to begin in the middle of March. The purpose of the evaluation is to support the development of the work of Leeds ACTS! This will inform plans for the future development of the Leeds ACTS! partnership including priorities for developing the work programme and for engagement with a wider range of stakeholders.

The evaluation will include work already undertaken by other consultants and will be overseen by a steering group made up from the Leeds ACTS! partnership group.

TSIP Report & Network launch

The network launch was held on 10.12.14 at ODI.  Despite the incoming weather bomb, those that did attend were very engaged. Outcomes included:

  • that it should be a third sector network supported by LeedsACTS!
  • potential for a Data Doctor (funding required)
  • recognition that there is a lot happening in the city around data.                                

The TSIP network will continue to develop and look for ways to link in with the city-led infomatics work. If you are interested in getting involved, email Alicia Ridout on A.Ridout@leeds.ac.uk


To increase the dissemination of information about Leeds ACTS! projects and reports, a new protocol has been agreed by the partnership group that will help to speed up the process of getting information up onto the Leeds ACTS! pages.

Seed Corn Funding & Events

The partnership group have agreed to put on two workshops in the coming months to launch the new round of seed corn funding. More information will be available shortly and will be promoted widely. Anyone who is interested in find out more about the available funding please contact Sonja Woodcock at Leeds.ACTS@val.org.uk


The next partnership group meeting will be held on 14 April and the main points will be available via the LeedsACTS! pages shortly after.