Hey Presto help is at hand

A low level community support service aimed at those with a low level of need, especially for those people living away with parents in Leeds.

Leeds City Council’s new trading service Presto provides a range of integrated support services at home with the aim of supporting people to living well and safely at home.

The services include companionship, housekeeping, home maintenance and transport from the council’s own passenger transport service. It will not include registered personal care such as bathing or dressing.

Though Presto is a service offered by Leeds City Council, it will not be funded by the council; there will be a charge to customers for the service they receive. The pilot for the service commenced in late April, and if successful the aim will be to roll it out across the city.

Services include:·        

  • Companionship – a flexible service which can include tasks such as help with cooking, small domestic jobs, support with shopping, help attending appointments or just spending quality time at home.·        
  • Cleaning – including basic cleaning jobs such as vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms as well as moving furniture.·        
  • Handy person – available for all sorts of odd jobs such as clearing pathways, unblocking sinks, fixing doors and minor decorative touch ups.·        
  • Transport – a service to help people get out and about and dropped off or picked up in Leeds.

Presto are committed to delivering the highest standards of care and safety to all our customers, with the aim to support living well and safely at home.

Often living independently and well at home can depends on the little things: shopping and eating well, maintaining a safe home and having great transport solutions so an older person can get out and about. The support the new service can provided may include cleaning paths, unblocking drains, changing light bulbs, transport and support to get out and about or help with keeping on top of household chores. 

Presto’s services can be for as many or as few days as required. Hopefully Presto’s services will provide a peace of mind for carers in knowing there is a professional service to support their loved one if they can always be there in person.

Further details for Presto can be found on http://www.leeds.gov.uk/civicEnterprise/Pages/Presto.aspx or contact the office on 0113 378 3750