Children's Centre project identifies £1.2m of unclaimed benefits

Better Leeds Communities - through their Children's Centre project - have identified in the last year over £1m of unclaimed benefits.

Better Leeds Communities are supporting local Leeds families through a Children’s Centres project in Leeds and has been successful in helping its clients claim well over a million pounds of unclaimed benefits in the last year.

It further confounds the common misconception presented in the media of fraudulent benefit claimants. Instead, we see that many people are not claiming what they are due. The benefit of this influx will be directly felt by the Leeds economy as low income families tend to spend the money they receive in their local neighbourhoods.

Leeds City Council should be applauded for funding the service and the support it continues to provide for children’s services in the city. Parents of under 5“s and pregnant mothers (or their partners) can seek advice on any issue at a local Children’s Centre, with appointments usually available within a week.

Whilst many people do seek benefits advice, our advisers are also able to provide advice on topics ranging from managing debt, a problem with their housing through to employment, family, education or consumer issues.