Share your views: Children's Services

Support in Leeds for children and young people with social, emotional and mental health needs.

We are doing some work to look at how we can improve support in education for children and young people in Leeds who have social, emotional and mental health needs which may cause disruptive, challenging or distressing behaviours.

This varies a lot but may include behaviour that causes harm to others and/or behaviour where they harm themselves. These issues are often related to very difficult things in their young lives, such as loss of some kind, disability or illness, or being harmed in some way. This can really affect their education. Some may not attend school and miss out on learning.

For others, their behaviour may lead to them being excluded from school. These children and young people need the best support we can offer if they are to have the good future we want for ALL children and young people in Leeds.

We are putting together a plan to make sure they get the best support possible from local education, health and care services.   We want to hear what parents and carers think about this. For example, what support do we offer now, that works well? What is not so good? What would you like to change? There are different ways to share your views.

You can complete a survey on our website here (click on ‘documents’ on the left). You can also email or you can arrange to have a chat, either on the phone or in person.

Telephone: 07891 279105