Opportunity to advise on University of Leeds research about men in low-income families

Local third sector organisations sought to advise on a research project about men's experiences of living in low-income families.

A funded research project is currently being developed to explore men’s experiences in low-income families and how long-term social disadvantage and poverty influences their abilities to fulfill their care responsibilities over time.

This study will explore their experiences in order to understand the impact that having limited economic, social and material resources has on their relationships with others and their interactions with a number of services.

The project lead, Dr Anna Tarrant, is seeking local third sector organisations that are currently supporting men, or have an interest in doing so, to advise on the project at the design stage so that local third sector goals and priorities can be built in.

If you have an interest in the project and/or would like to advise on its development, please contact Anna directly: a.tarrant@leeds.ac.uk