Citywide Consultation

To ascertain resident and local businesses views on Leeds City Council's Site Allocations plan.

Part of the Core Strategy, the Site Allocations plan identifies the sites for development for the 66,000 new homes identified as being needed in Leeds over the next 16 years. The Aire Valley Leeds Area Action Plan does the same, for the area within the Aire Valley. The plans also cover spaces for jobs, retail and greenspace; but it is envisaged that homes given the number will be the main focus of responses.

Clearly this is a massive consultation exercise potentially affecting every resident and business within Leeds and every community across the city. The consultation will run from Tuesday 22 September to Monday 16 November 2015. During this time, there will be a number of drop-in sessions within different communities – a list of which can be found on the Leeds City Council website

The title for the consultation is: Your City, Your Plan with the strapline ‘Working with you to find the best places for new homes, jobs, retail and greenspace’.