Think Family Work Family

In Leeds we want children to have the best start to life, so that they can enjoy growing up and look forward to a bright future.

A proportion of children grow up in houses where domestic violence, alcohol and substance use, mental health and learning difficulties have an effect on their lives and outcomes. We realise that in order to safeguard and support children, we also need to support their parents. To do this Leeds has adopted the “Think Family Work Family” approach. This means that any practitioner, whether working with adults or children will be working holistically and identifying needs that any family member may have and getting them the right support.  This will be done by practitioners coordinating their efforts with other family members workers, sharing information and becoming part of a “Team Around the Family” (TAF). Research has shown that this gets the best outcomes for the family.

Think Family Work Family is an approach whereby in their day to day roles, all practitioners working with adults or children are identifying, considering and responding to the needs of all family members. This could be by signposting, referring to agencies or doing the work yourself. This approach is needed because we know that in order to improve the lives of those who are most vulnerable, we also need to concentrate on identifying and supporting their family’s needs. People rarely live on their own, so practitioners need to think about the needs of the rest of the family – regardless of if you’re working with children or adults. This will mean coordinating your efforts with workers involved with other family members and having regular communication using the team around the family (TAF) approach. From research, we know that this will bring about the best outcomes for the family.

Coming soon there will be ‘Think Family, Work Family’ briefings, held in a location close to you, where you will be able to ask any questions, collect the Think Family, Work Family top tips bookmarks and book onto the ‘Think Family Work Family’ training course. Visit