Autumn 2015 voice and influence update

Aims to raise awareness of how children and young people are having their voices heard and influencing change across our city.

Ensuring children and young people in Leeds are active citizens who feel they have a voice and influence is one of the five key outcomes in our Children and Young Peoples Plan.

We  are currently developing a children’s version of the plan and look forward to sharing it with you soon. It is inspiring to hear about the variety of ways different services, schools and organisations in Leeds are actively involving children and young people in decisions that affect their lives and responding to the issues that they feel are a priority.

This latest edition of the Voice and Influence Update includes an article about STARs (Sharing Talent and Recognising Success of looked after children and young people) Awards, I really enjoyed attending the Children’s STARs Awards and it is fantastic that young people help plan these important events and are on the judging panel to choose the winners. The nominations for our annual Child Friendly Leeds Awards are also now open, this is an event planned by young people and I would particularly like to encourage you to nominate a child or young person for a Child Friendly Leeds Award. For more information  

Autumn Update