Are you interested in helping us develop services in the Acute Medicine Clinical Services Unit?

Acute Medicine at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust are seeking the help of patients, carers and members of the public on a couple of projects

We are committed to working with patients, carers and members of the public to develop and improve the services we provide in our Clinical Services Unit (CSU).

We need your help!

Project 1 Background — Partner organisations are struggling to provide community services for all adults who need community support when they are discharged from hospital, which delays patients discharge. This means we have less empty beds available for patients needing to be admitted into hospital, leading to poor patient and carer experiences.

What we need to do — We need to work as a team to determine the best model of care and staffing structure needed to support patients waiting to be discharged from hospital and requiring care in the community.

How you can help —  Work with us to help us to determine what the best model of care is and the staffing structure needed to deliver that care for this patient group.

Project 2 Background — In July 2015 the local Healthwatch team undertook a number of planned visits to wards in our CSU. They spoke with both patients and staff to get their opinions of our services and they provided us with a report of their findings with recommendations for action to improve those services.

What we need to do — We need to consider the report, develop and work on an action plan to address the areas they have highlighted as needing improvement.

How you can help — You can work with us to review the Healthwatch feedback, prioritise the actions we need to take and to develop an action plan to address the areas of our service that we need to improve.

Both projects will start in October 2015 and if you would like more information about the projects or would like to volunteer your time to help us, please contact Carol Sleigh, email or telephone 0113 2067182