How Does LeedsACTS! Support Collaboration?

In June, LeedsACTS! hosted "The Community Vote" event to support new collaborative projects. You can now read all about these seedcorn projects and their potential for future collaborations.

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In June, LeedsACTS! hosted "The Community Vote" event at Hillside Centre where six new collaborative seedcorn projects (between third sector organisations and the universities in Leeds) pitched their ideas to an audience, who then voted on which projects would receive seedcorn funding. In this round, all six seedcorn project were funded.

Vignettes of the first seedcorn projects are available to read below. These vignettes not only explain the details of the individual projects, but also LeedsACTS!' role in creating opportunities for third sector organisations and all three universities in Leeds to work together collaboratively.

The following vignettes are available:

  • Mojo Films and Leeds Beckett Centre for Men's Health - "Talk"
  • Health for All Young Dads Group and Leeds Beckett Centre for Men's Health - "South Leeds Summer Fun Day"
  • Basis Training and Leeds Beckett School of Health and Community Studies - "Porn and Young People"
  • Northcall Community Centre and University of Leeds School of Computing - "Northcall Digital Space"

If you are feeling inspired by these projects, LeedsACTS! will be hosting a series of events throughout 2016 that will encourage opportunities to meet potential partners from either the third sector or the universities. Or, you can get in touch directly with LeedsACTS! by emailing

There will also be another round of seedcorn funding available in the spring - watch this space for details!

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