Talk to me!

Brand new video about the issues faced by people with learning difficulties when visiting the doctor.

Young people with learning disabilities from Paperworks have been working with Fixers and YouthWatch to create a really powerful short video (2 minutes long) called ‘Doctors, Talk to me’ aimed at doctors, dentists and other health professionals.

One of the young people, Gurdesh (22) explains in their own words why they made the film:

The video is based on our own experiences of how we sometimes feel when we go to the doctor. We have made the video because doctors don’t always explain things to people with learning disabilities. We want to change that.

It’s a high quality professional film, that could be used to improve practice by raising awareness about issues faced by people with learning disabilities and would be a really good resource to use in staff training, or show at events/meetings. 

There’s a poster to go with the film which can be displayed in your workplace – both the film and poster can be accessed easily online here.

We want this resource to be used far and wide so it would be great if you can keep in touch with us about any ideas for sharing or using this resource.

If you need any more information about the film, please contact Tel: 0113 8980035.