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BeyondMe enables charities to benefit from a growing movement of generous professionals. Now inviting applications from charities in Leeds!

Millennials, people born between 1980 and 2000, are often described as being the #selfie generation. The generation that is more concerned about its own interests than those of other people. At BeyondMe we take a different view. Millennials are connected, collaborative and community-minded. They are concerned about the problems affecting our communities and feel passionately about contributing to a better society.

What we recognised at BeyondMe is that there aren’t many platforms through which millennial professionals can exercise their social consciousness, while maintaining busy work, social and family lives. In parallel to this, charities, in particular smaller organisations, struggle to engage this group due to high levels of competition. As such, we’ve developed an initiative called the ‘BeyondMe team’.

A BeyondMe team is made up of seven professionals and one senior leader from a business. Together they donate their time, skills and money to a charity project they choose for one year. The average minimum donation is £2,500 and 150 skilled volunteer hours.
A BeyondMe team at Deloitte partnered with United World Schools (UWS), which provides primary education to children in post conflict, rural areas in developing countries. They worked on impact measurement, communications and sustainability strategies. The team supported the charity to prepare its systems and operations for potential future institutional funding.
Up to the end of 2015, BeyondMe had launched over 100 teams in a dozen major employers, driving over £200,000 and 12,000 skilled volunteer hours to 80 charities. This year, they plan to launch another 100 teams. The appetite for this initiative among businesses and professionals is an indicator of a growing movement in generosity. Millennial professionals may take the odd #selfie, but they can also do a lot of good!

BeyondMe is now inviting applications from charities that are interested in securing time, skills and funds from a team of professionals for 12-months. Candidates should read BeyondMe’s criteria – www.BeyondMe.Org/charities - and join an on-boarding call with their portfolio team before starting an application -