Today is the day!

NHS Leeds South and East CCG has asked us to pass on some information which you and your services users might find of interest…

NHS Leeds South and East CCG has launched a new local health campaign which aims to increase the number or referrals into the NHS Leeds Stop Smoking Service.

This is to meet one of our key health priorities - smoking continues to be the main cause of death and serious illness in our area. In fact, in some areas in the inner south and east of the city, the smoking rate is as high as 34%. We have chosen to promote the NHS Leeds Stop Smoking Service specifically based on some insight we commissioned with Leeds Beckett University and because we know that smokers are around four times more likely to quit successfully when they use the free NHS support than when they go it alone.
  We know there are lots of challenges around getting this message across (everyone knows smoking is bad for you) so this campaign has been designed with lots of insight and input from local people, features local people’s stories, and will be delivered on a very targeted basis to six the communities in the CCG areas that have the highest smoking rates. These are: Beeston, Burmantofts and Richmond Hill, City and Hunslet, Crossgates and Whinmoor, Gipton and Harehills, Middleton Park. We are working with the Public Health team and Health for All to do this.   We would like to make you aware of the campaign and the resources available, in case it is of interest to your service users? Particularly those who have mentioned or are thinking about stopping smoking, but perhaps feel there are barriers preventing them from doing so. Although the campaign is open to all in Leeds, we are particularly keen to work with third sector organisations who operate with people from the six areas we have highlighted above.   We have attached a brief which gives you some background information. The campaign website is and includes videos of local people talking about how they used the service to quit and hopefully feel encouraged, motivated, inspired to contact the NHS Leeds Stop Smoking Service and make an appointment. There is also a suite of digital resources available at and hard copy resources including posters and leaflets.
If you would like any more information about the campaign, please contact Zoe Ward ( who would be happy to assist.

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