LeedsACTS! Partnership Group Meeting 5 July

On July 5th, the LeedsACTS! Partnership Group met and the following are the main points from the meeting.

LEEDS ACTS! logo University Contacts Page
A ‘University Contacts’ page has been set up on the LeedsACTS! pages on the Doing Good Leeds website. The page has been set to be a single point of information on how to make contact with each of the universities.  Whether you are looking for a research partner, student volunteers, placement students or some other form of introduction to the universities you will find contact information here. https://doinggoodleeds.org.uk/university-contacts.html

De-Mystifying Data Event 7 June
The data event was well attended and received positive feedback. For many attendees it was their first involvement with ACTS.  Notes and top tips have been circulated to attendees, and a report will be made available on the LeedsACTS! page.  

A Program of Events
It was discussed that LeedsACTS would set a program of events with fixed dates through to the end of the financial year. Events so far would include the Doing Things Differently (3 Oct) and a Seedcorn Funding (Nov). The group is then looking to do other themed events every 8 weeks, working closely with TSP & other city & university themes.

Topics so far include:

·         Housing
·         Transport & inequalities
·         Mental health at work
·         Islamaphobia
·         Health data  

Third Sector Partnership and the State of the Sector Report
This document has been renamed as The Value and Impact of the Third Sector in Leeds 2015 and is located on the DGL website.

Gary Dymski spoke about the report and the need to strengthen Third Sector data and to have a more systematic discussions on what that might look like, looking at data sources, challenges and best use. Discussions on health data continue, which are being coordinated by LCF.

The next partnership group meeting will be held on 12 September and the main points will be available via the LeedsACTS! pages shortly after.

For further information about LeedsACTS! please contact sonja.woodcock@val.org.uk