Carers Club

Are you looking after a family member, friend or someone in your community?

What is Carers Club? Carers Club is a great resource established by Virgin Care to highlight information, advice and support in a one-stop shop format.   Who is Carers Club relevant to? We believe Carers Clubs has something for everybody and here are some of the readers we have in mind. Individuals or families who are looking after someone experiencing mental or physical health issues including special educational needs, frailty, illness or disability. Individuals and families that realise that becoming a carer can happen at any time and would like to be informed and prepared in advance. People who are adapting to life after caring. Public, private and third sector organisations. There are now over seven million unpaid carers in the UK who look after a family, a friend or a neighbour. This means most if not all organisations come into contact with carers all the time whether they realise that or not and whether the person identifies themselves as a carer or not.  

What sort of topics does Carers Club cover? Carer Stories Employment Equipment and gadgets Housing Events in the news Making friends Money Relationships Respite and time out Travel   Tell me more Every day another six thousand people take on a caring role. Carers save the NHS around £119 billion each year. As we think carers deserve time out and a treat, we have negotiated a range of discounts and deals with a number of companies. As a provider of NHS and social care services across the country Virgin Care have the opportunity to make a real difference for carers and therefore help to keep communities safe and healthy.   How can I get involved? We would love to hear from you if you would like to submit content for consideration for publication on Carers Club. We would like you to feedback what you like and what you think could be improved. We would appreciate you spreading the word about Carers Club.   Best regards .   Kate Davis-Holmes Carers Club Content Administrator People Experience Team