VAL AGM - Thanks for coming and your feedback!

VAL would like to say thank you to everyone that attended our AGM on 22 September and for the positive initial feedback we've received about the event.

View of VAL AGM

VAL was very pleased to host its AGM for 2016 on 22 September on the theme of "How can the Third Sector help Address Poverty".

We heard from 4 speakers on this topic:

  • Wendy Doyle - Leeds South and East Foodbank
  • Nathan Atkinson - Headteacher, Richmond Hill Primary School
  • Brendan Tannam - Giving Time
  • Mike Love - Leeds Poverty Truth Commission

It was great to see so many people in our refurbished Stringer House, which very much fits in with our hope that the building will be used as much as possible by third sector organisations in Leeds. Thanks to all that attended!

Thanks also for the positive feedbank we've already received about the event. The word "inspiring" has been used more than once to describe the speakers, and we hope to follow this up with more activity on the topic of Poverty soon.

Why not search the Twitter hashtag #valagm16 to get a flavour of the event?

A full report on the AGM will be circulated to VAL members in due course.