Bags more Funding Opportunities from Tesco Bags of Help

Great news about Bags of Help: the Tesco Bags of Help grant scheme is now permanently open for applications from community groups, with more regular in-store votes planned!

Bags of Help will now see the money raised by the 5p bag charge in Tesco stores in England, Wales and Scotland opened up to a greater range of projects that support community participation in the development and use of open spaces.
The main changes to the programme are:·         The programme will be ‘Always On’ and it is intended that 3 x projects will be available for customers to vote upon each month in each of the three Leeds store cluster regions: Leeds North, Leeds South (inc. Sherburn-in-Elmet) and Leeds Central.·         The outcome of the programme is to support and  promote community participation in the development and use of outdoor space which can now include revenue activities on the space as well as capital works.·         There are no restrictions regarding match funding.·         Applicants will be asked to apply for between £2,000 and £5,000 and the winning project from the public vote will receive the full amount they have applied for (maximum £5,000). The project that is placed 2rd will receive a maximum of £2,000 and the third will receive a maximum of £1,000.Projects that will now get the green light as a result of the funding will include volunteer training, physical improvements of open spaces, equipment purchases, community events and sports and leisure activities. Following a public vote, three projects in each of the Tesco store cluster regions will receive a grant each month, with first place receiving up to £5K, second place up to £2K and third place up to £1K.   Even though Bags Of Help is now a rolling programme of approvals, I strongly advise, if you already have an identified project, that you apply as soon as possible.
Full Applications received by 14th October are expected to be considered for the Public Votes in December 2016 AND January and February 2017.  Therefore, if you don't submit an application until later in October or into November, then it is likely that the next Public Vote that your application could be considered for would be March 2017.
There is an incentive therefore to submit a full application sooner rather than later, if the required information and documentation for your project already exists and can be easily and quickly transferred into the online application form.  Please spread this exciting news to as many groups as possible in your local communities, so that they too can think about applying.  Apply by following this link and the online eligibility checker and full application form etc. are then accessed via the 'Community Groups' tab: Good luck!

Jon A Crossley, Tesco Bags of Help Enabler for the Leeds District Capital Programme Co-ordinator, Groundwork Leeds