ALL INN project

The ALL INN project works with people with various health and support needs to run co-design and consultation sessions on assistive technology

ALL INN (standing for Assisted Living Leeds Innovation Lab) is a project which sits jointly with Assisted Living Leeds and Leeds Beckett University. The project runs sessions for people who use assistive technology or have specific health or support needs alongside companies developing assistive technology for consultation or co-design services. They produce innovative results that really work as they have involved people who the end results are aimed at. People are rewarded for their attendance (usually Love to Shop vouchers) and transport can be provided if necessary. Lunch and refreshments are usually provided too. In the past we’ve had older people, carers, people with specific health needs or people who simply have an interest in assistive technology attend. It’s an opportunity to really make a difference, have your opinions heard, and hear about (and potentially get your hands on!) cutting edge new technology.   We’ve got some exciting projects coming up next year, and it would be great if you are interested in being involved then let me know and I can offer participation opportunities as and when they arrive.

There is more info on the project on the blog – or you can email me at