Tell Us About How the Compact is Working for You.

With just a few days left before the consultation on the Compact for Leeds closes, we wanted to give you a couple of updates and ask for your feedback on how the Compact has worked for you to date.

There’s still time for you to have your say on the 2017 version of the Compact for Leeds.

  • The new version of the Compact is still quite a big document, but is shorter than it was before.
  •  It includes a new core principle on Social Value that sets out the ways that all partners in Leeds will work for the benefit of the people of Leeds.
  • It strengthens the focus on the role of partners in working with communities, supporting communities to sort issues out for themselves and valuing and celebrating the skills that community members bring to the table.
  • It takes out a lot of detail about how Commissioning should happen (this will be included in a new Code of Conduct) but strengthens the focus on partners working together to share resources, and people and bring more resources into the city. 

If you want to comment on the Compact you can complete this online survey or drop us a line on by Tuesday 28th March. If you prefer to speak to us in person come to our drop-in session between 11:00 and 13:00 on 28 March, in the West Chamber at the Civic Hall

Comment on ‘tweaks’ to the section around resources.

We’ve recently completed some further amendments to the section on maximising and managing resources. The intention is the same as we’ve described in the 4th bullet point above but the wording has changed a bit.

Please check out the attached document and comment directly to:
by 13 March 2017.

And finally…we need your help

We really think that over the years the Compact has helped to strengthen relationships and let people know what kind of city third and public sector partners are trying to support. We’d love it if you could tell us some of your stories about how the Compact has helped you in your work; you might have seen a change in the way other organisations relate to you, you might have used the Compact to remind organisation of their commitments, you might just think that work has got easier (even if its not directly related to the Compact).

If you’ve got a positive story you want to share please contact:

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