Commissioning in Crisis – how true is this in Leeds?

Lloyds Bank Foundation recently produced a report called “Commissioning in Crisis – How current contracting and procurement processes threaten the survival of small charities”.

*Survey deadline extended until 10 March 2017*

This sets out a range of problems and challenges that small and medium-sized charities have experienced nationally with regarding to commissioning and procurement. Commissioners in Leeds City Council have picked up on this report and are interested in exploring the issues raised at a local level.  

This report has arrived at a timely moment, as locally there have been a number of recent activities around commissioning including a Scrutiny Board enquiry and report; a report to the Health and Wellbeing Board; changes in the people’s services commissioning arrangements in Leeds City Council; and continuing discussions at Third Sector Partnership.

In addition the Compact for Leeds is being reviewed and it has been agreed that a Commissioning Code of Practice will be drawn up for use by commissioning agencies in the city.  

The Leeds Picture
Our initial reaction to the report is that we do not see in Leeds the worst kinds of poor practice highlighted in the report, and identified on the whole Leeds exhibits many of the examples of good practice identified there. However we want to capture a wider range of views from across the sector and we therefore held a workshop on the issue on 8 February; to supplement this we have also created an on-line survey so that more people can make a contribution.  

The survey looks for examples of both good and bad practice and broadly seeks the views of anyone who has experience of the commissioning processes used in Leeds. If this includes you, please take a few minutes to respond to the survey.  

We welcome your views at -  

Please be assured your details will not be given in any report or discussions that arise from this survey without your express permission.  

The responses to the workshop and survey will feed into a discussion at the next Third Sector Leeds Leadership Group, and from there into the Third Sector Partnership in March for a discussion with commissioners from the Council and the NHS CCGs.  

The deadline for the survey is now 10 March 2017.

If you have any further questions you can contact the Supporting Links to Commissioning Manager at Voluntary Action Leeds: