Proposed Change To Community Centre Pricing Policy

A proposed change to the community centre pricing policy, detailed below, was discussed at the Community Chairs Forum meeting on 16 March 2017, and a four weeks consultation will now take place from Monday 20 March until Sunday 16 April.

It is hoped that following the consultation a decision will be taken on these proposals between 17 and 30 April.

What are the proposals?  

Where previously Community Committees had the option of granting free lettings for the use of community centres within their areas, it is now felt appropriate that all organisations should make some payment for the use of these facilities.

It is proposed that all groups will be expected to make a minimum payment of 25% of the community rate for any bookings that they have in LCC community centres.  

This means that the charges for use of community centres will be: (prices listed in this order: Commercial Rates/Community Rate/ Discounted Rate) 

Large Rooms generally Halls £25.00 per hour/ £10.00 per hour /£2.50 per hour
‘Delivery Space’(all other rooms) £12.50 per hour/ £5.00 per hour / £1.25 per hour

Kitchens for food preparation £5.00 per hour £1.00 per hour £0.25 per hour

There will now be a minimum £10 charge for a one off booking of space within a community centre.

The new policy also excludes certain types of organisation from qualifying for a discounted let. Statutory, private and fully funded organisations will not be able to benefit from a discounted rate and will be expected to account for accommodation costs within their delivery models.

This means that there are a number of organisations that have previously benefited from free lets that will now be expected to pay the full community rate for their lettings. 

Please address any comments, questions or concerns to: 

Communities Team

Leeds City Council

Westfield House

Lower Wortley Road



LS12 4PT


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