Homeshare has come to Leeds

Homeshare is an option for older people, particularly living alone, who are starting to struggle to live independently and are lonely or socially isolated.

The scheme also offers an affordable accommodation option for younger people who are struggling to afford rents in the city.  It is a great way of people coming together to give something of value, either accommodation or their time, whilst receiving something of value back.  The ethos of Homeshare is of sharing lives and reciprocal support, very much about valuing what people have to offer.

How does it work?

We match up the older person (Homeowner) with someone (Homesharer) who needs a home. No personal care is involved but the Homesharer agrees to provide around 10 hours a week support in exchange for lodging. Help is with those things that can start to get difficult as you get older, like shopping, cooking, cleaning, walking the dog maybe or looking after the garden.  Or, it can be just to have someone to watch the telly with. 

You simply complete the appropriate form and send it to us.  We then sensitively process them: matching people is crucial to the success of Homeshare so we spend time getting it right. After consulting the owner and sharer - a personalised agreement is developed to cover how the living arrangements will work, utility bills for example.  Both Homeowner and sharer pay a fee to the Council.  

A share will last a minimum of 6 months. We have also put a lot of thought into managing any risks.  We have checks including background, Reference and Credit Checks and a thorough assessment and support throughout the match.

So give us a ring on 0113 378 5410 for a chat or drop us a line at: if you would like to know more.  You can get forms from

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