New Wortley Community Centre is officially opening their new building on Saturday 6th May 2017.

In the spirit of the community led project The new centre will be opened by members of the New Wortley community. Young an old, who will benefit from this great new resource.

The new New Wortley Community Centre building is a ‘stand out’ landmark on the famous Tong Road route in to Leeds and has already gained much attention from it’s distinctive looks and presence on the edge of the road.  New Wortley Community Association, which owns the centre, is a charity founded and run by members of the local community. The board of trustees work in conjunction with other local projects, charities and public sector organisations to help residents of the local area improve their quality of life and offer hope and opportunity  to New Wortley. 

The new centre is already well used by local residents and provides a range of activities including  volunteering, adult education and  health and wellbeing. In the last 12 months up to 20 local residents have found employment after volunteering at the centre. We have some great individual stories of how lives have been turned around to bring a real Human aspect to the investment in the area.