Leeds Commissioning Network launches

This new network has been set up to help strengthen the local third sector’s engagement with commissioning in Leeds

two people discussing figures on laptop

VAL’s  Commissioning Support service has continued to be busy, working to promote the role of the third sector in the commissioning arena in the city. Much of this  work is  strategic and involves working with the TSL Leadership Group and the Third Sector Partnership (TSP), where the sector engages formally with the Council and other statutory partners including the NHS CCGs and the city’s main Universities.  

An important recent piece of work was the development of a local third sector response to the Lloyds Foundation “Commissioning in Crisis” report, which resulted in a paper to TSP setting out how the sector broadly sees commissioning practice in Leeds. Views from the sector were collected through an open workshop, an on-line survey and discussion at the TSL Leadership Group, and the general view was that overall there is plenty of good practice in Leeds although, as in any field of activity, there is always scope for further improvement. One key outcome from the ongoing engagement with TSP and the refresh of the Leeds Compact that VAL also led on at around the same time, has been the commitment to develop a Leeds Commissioning Code of Practice; work on this with public sector commissioners will start shortly.  

To support this work, we are now setting up this new Commissioning Network. As we don’t have any specific resources to run it, the network will mainly operate on a virtual basis, initially by email. There will not be any regular newsletters or meetings, although we anticipate there will be occasional workshops or other events, and nor are we at present planning any on-line interactive element. The network is intended to provide a mechanism for Commissioning Support to consult on matters such as the development of the Code of Practice; to seek feedback and input into the work of the service; and to circulate items of interest which may include tendering opportunities.   If you would like to join the network, please sign up at our Leeds Commissioning Network Page