TSL is Going Local - Save the Dates!

The focus of our September events is Community Cohesion and Resilience.

Third Sector Leeds Goes Local are events/workshops that take place in each of the three areas of Leeds twice a year: East North East, West North West and South East.

The focus of our September events will follow on from our city wide workshop discussing Community Cohesion and Resilience.

Please save the dates below - more info to follow.

West North West | Tuesday 5 September AM | Cardigan Centre
East North East | Wednesday 6 September PM | Ark Centre
South East | Wednesday 13 September AM | Hillside

The aims of TSL Goes Local are to:
  • Make better use of existing partnership arrangements at the area and city wide level
  • Improve networking and collaboration within the third sector
  • Identify challenges facing communities in the three area Localities that could be tackled most effectively by strengthening partnership work between the statutory and third sector
  • To enable Partners to access expertise in the sector more easily
  • To increase communication between partners, councillors and the third sector, especially activity not directly supported by existing arrangements
  • To enable meaningful consultation and involvement from the sector in key local developments.