Scholarships for Young People at UWC Atlantic College - Wales

Scholarships for pupils who are making a positive difference to their local community in the UK

Applications for the brand-new Lord Mountbatten Award – a fully-paid scholarship to the college – are now open for the academic year starting in September 2018, and we are looking for exceptional students to apply.  

More specifically, we’re looking for pupils who are making a positive difference to their local community, which could for example include volunteering time to local sustainability projects, working with disadvantaged members of the community, or helping to raise awareness of global issues and acting to address them within their own community.  

It would be great if Leeds could recommend potential scholarship applicants that you think that may be suitable, as we would love to have a chat with them in a bit more detail.

For your reference, you can find more UWC Atlantic college here, and more about the Lord Mountbatten scholarship here.
  This is a fantastic opportunity to apply to study at one of the world’s most innovative and prestigious schools, situated in a castle overlooking the south coast of Wales. 

It would also be a way for a potential candidate to share the great work they have been doing in the local community, and raise awareness and perhaps more local involvement with that cause. 

Applications should be made via  by Sunday 15 October 2017.