SkyBet Doing Good in Leeds

A team of 8 SkyBet staff from their office in Leeds came out to volunteer at West Leeds Activity Centre

A team of 8 SkyBet staff from their office in Leeds came out to volunteer at West Leeds Activity Centre. The day came about after Gaming Consumer and Market Understanding Manager, Rachel Nelson-Girtchen, got in touch with the team at ESV Leeds wondering what kind of outdoor volunteering opportunities their employees could get involved in in the community.

ESV Leeds then quickly used their links with West Leeds Activity Centre to set up one of our Community Challenge Team Days. West Leeds Activity Centre ,is an exciting 17-acre outdoor activity centre, only 3 miles from the city centre.

Offering a wide range of year round activities for children and adults, our highly experienced qualified team deliver activities and events of your choice in a challenging but safe environment who specialise in school, college and youth club group activity days. On the day itself, Richard gave the team a Health and Safety briefing followed by a discussion about the tasks they would be involved in. 


The Sky Bet guys were well prepared in their weather suitable clothing and got stuck into their tasks straight away such as cutting away over grown bramble and removing weeds. Spirits were high in the team considering rain was forecast – this did not affect their enthusiasm to get fully involved.


The motorbike track and the tyre barriers needed a lot of effort by the team to make good again, they did this while still smiling. They also helped to move a tree that had blown down – now this area is clear, the possibility to turn this area into a sensory/wildlife garden is closer to being realised thanks to the teams' hard work.


Feedback from Richard and Wendy at West Leeds activity Centre who worked with the team on the day : “The group were very enthusiastic and all worked very hard and completed all tasks asked of them.” “They worked particularly hard on helping to clear the motorbike track, which young people are now able to use thanks to their help.”   After the day Rachel and her team from SkyBet stated that the day had “Exceeded their expectations and would interested in doing something similar in the future”

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