International students raise £976 for Leeds charity

Long-established Leeds charity Swarthmore Education Centre is benefiting from hosting hundreds of international language students studying at CES Leeds

CES Leeds (Centre of English Studies)  is a year-round private English language school based in Leeds city centre. Every July CES Leeds holds a Junior English Summer School at Swarthmore Education Centre on Woodhouse Square. This has proven to be a mutually beneficial collaboration since 2013 as teenage international students appreciate Swarthmore’s facilities and its central location and the hiring of facilities provides an income stream during the summer for Swarthmore.
Swarthmore Education Centre is also CES Leeds’s favoured charity. On Thursday 10th August CES Leeds held its annual Charity Fund Raiser Night at the George Hotel on Great George Street. International students raised £488 for Swarthmore Education Centre on the night through ticket sales and CES Leeds has pledged to double this to £976.
This is a further example of the tangible economic and cultural benefits international students bring to Leeds. At CES Leeds students from the world over come for a determined period of time to improve their English, after which the vast majority return home with fond memories of Leeds and Yorkshire or move on to tertiary UK education. While they are here though, aside from paying  tuition fees, they also spend on homestay accommodation, in local shops, on local entertainment, transport and visiting tourist attractions, all of which helps the local economy; and in the case of CES Leeds students, are also happy to support a local charity.
The full impact of teaching English as a foreign language in the UK economy has been fully researched by English UK.  A summary sheet in attached. For a full report can be found on this link.


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