Uniting Care Homes and Communities

Living in a care home should not mean you are excluded from your local community, but some care home residents find it hard to get out.

Up to 80% of care home residents are affected by dementia or memory loss. Airedale Social Movement is bringing people from the local community into care homes. This gives residents company, time to chat, opportunities to get involved and to share their interests. Care homes are community assets, with gardens, volunteering opportunities, kitchens for classes and residents who thrive with skills and heritage. Here at Alzheimer’s Society we believe that communities and care homes can thrive together!!   Airedale Social Movement is working with three care homes, Berkeley Court in Harehills, Southlands Residential Home in  Roundhay and Springfields Care Home in Garforth. If you’re part of these communities get in touch to talk about how you could get involved. Our ideas are as follows:   Businesses: have regular pop up shops in your local care home for residents and members of the communities, use the rooms for your meetings or staff training   Groups:  run your group in a local care home and invite some of the residents (for example, mums and tots; knit and natter; book club, scouts…).   Individuals:  volunteer your time to run activities you enjoy, gardening, cooking, or just chat or read the paper together. It’s a great opportunity for volunteers to use the time to develop their skills.   Alzheimer’s Society will support you and your group by offering free Dementia Friends Information Sessions and ways your organisation can become Dementia Friendly. For inspiration watch our videos of an indoor bowling group or pupils gardening. Please get in touch with alex.pepper@alzheimers.org.uk or ring on 07484 916898 to join our movement.