How to raise £500,000 for the Candlelighters Cottage Campaign

The 2017 Ellen Heaton Lecture at Swarthmore on 16 November at 7pm is given by Jennifer Aspinall, Community Fundraiser, Candlelighters Trust, on the challenge ahead. Admission free.

The 2017 Ellen Heaton Lecture

Candlelighters support families facing children's cancer in Yorkshire, getting involved in all sorts of different projects to help ordinary families who are facing extraordinary circumstances. 

The Candlelighters Cottage Campaign needs £500,000 to provide extra support for these families with home from home accommodation in Brandon Road near Leeds Children’s Hospital, so children from all over the county can have family close by their side throughout their treatment.  

What is the impact of being chosen as the Lord Mayor of Leeds Charity Appeal 2017-18 and how can you help?