How to strengthen your campaign with e-petitions

FREE workshop to help local voluntary and community orgs understand how petitioning can be used to support their campaigns and bring them national attention.

note pad Date:    Friday 10 November 
Time:   2.00pm - 4.00pm
Venue: Stringer House, 34 Lupton Street, Leeds, LS10 2QW

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An event organised by: University of Leeds (POLIS) and Voluntary Action Leeds

This event is open to anyone working with voluntary and community organisations in Leeds and a member from the Petitions Committee will be on hand during the afternoon to answer any questions participants may have.

Did you know that petitioning by local people or groups is successfully influencing the direction of national policy?

This workshop draws upon research on petitions developed at the University of Leeds, which identifies which e-petitions and strategies are most likely to lead to a change in policy and or practice.
A member of staff from Parliament who regularly processes e-petitions will be on hand to answer questions. The workshop will:

- provide information about Parliament's e-petitions system       
provide information on petitioning MPs
discuss local voluntary and community organisations' campaign needs

- identify strategies to maximise the potential of a campaign through petitions.

The workshop will also include information presentations, advice on specific campaigns, space for discussion and reflection, as well as group work. By the end of the workshop, organisations participating should have obtained a good understanding of these petitions systems and how to best use it to support their own campaign activity.

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