LeedsACTS! Seedcorn Funding Round Open!

Ever thought of working in collaboration with the universities? Now is the time to test the waters with the LeedsACTS! seedcorn funding for third sector / university collaboration.

LeedsACTS! is a partnership between the city's three universities and the many voluntary and community organisations in Leeds.  LeedsACTS! works to build closer relationships between researchers, students, charities and voluntary and community organisations to support joint work that benefits the communities of Leeds and to shape how the higher education sector engages with others in the city.

A core principle of our approach is co-production - that work develops jointly with mutual respect and learning. We know there are already some great collaborations going on, and we are keen to support more through:

We have a small pot of funding to support proposals of up to £750 that build collaborative links. The aim is to provide greater opportunity for voluntary and community organisations to come together with people from universities, to explore opportunities for collaboration and to work up ideas for joint action.

This is the first of three calls for applications for seedcorn funding.  A panel from the LeedsACTS! partnership will review applications and will advise on which ones have been approved for funding. The first date for reviewing applications is 1 February 2018.


•  Showcase the mutual benefits of third sector and higher education collaborations
•  Translate and disseminate existing evidence from partnership working (e.g. publishing co-produced papers; attending conferences for third sector partners to share co-produced research; creation of plain English reports)
•  Support development of new ways of working collaboratively  

IDEAS FOR COLLABORATION could include but not limited to: 
•  Themes: democracy and participation, health and wellbeing, sustainability and inclusive growth, young      people, elderly lives, environment, safety from violence, third sector data, sustainable food.   

•  Collaboration on: enabling communities to produce solutions, building research skills, use of data, documenting changing lives, understanding impact, influencing commissioning, smarter use of technologies, understanding policy change on communities, linking community networks.  

Activity: joint meetings, events, info sharing, data sharing, joint research, case study, good practice reports, staff exchange, student placements, volunteering (2-way), research champions, mapping resources/interests. 

For more information and application forms:
Call:     Sonja Woodcock 0113 297 7920
Email:  LeedsACTS@val.org.uk
Tweet: @LeedsACTS #LeedsACTS!
Web: http://doinggoodleeds.org.uk/leeds-acts.html