Submitting A Tier 2 Visa UK After Seeking Assistance From Immigration Solicitors

If you have been living in the UK under any visa type or entry clearance category, you can switch to a Tier 2 visa UK.

If you have been living in the UK under any visa type or entry clearance category, you can switch to a Tier 2 visa UK. However, those who are outside the UK and want to apply for this visa, they have to apply with the UKVI. The essential thing to keep in mind is that prior to applying for this visa category, you should consult an experienced and seasoned immigration lawyer. For those who want to switch to this category, following procedure and eligibility criteria should be followed in their true sense.

You must have been living in the UK under any of the visa classes mentioned as under.  
·         Tier 1 visa
·         Tier 2 (Sportsperson) visa
·         Tier 2 (Minister of religion) visa
·         Tier 2 (Intra company Transfer)
·         Tier 4 visa
·         As a representative of an overseas business
·         As a dependent partner of a person holding a Tier 4 visa
In case the applicant doesn’t fulfill any of the above visa requirement, he/she must leave the UK prior to the expiry of the existing visa and apply for a Tier 2 visa UK application from country of their residence. In order to deal with any sort of complications pertaining to your immigration matters, it would be wise to consult a professional immigration solicitor.

Other Requirements
With a view to switching from already obtained visa, you must provide certain documents. These include the proof of your healthcare surcharge payment. In addition, you are also bound to pay the visa-processing fee while filing your visa application. The visa application services available for the person applying from within the UK are as under.
·         Same day premium service
·         Online submission
·         Priority application service

Validity Period

The validity period for the Tier 2 visa is 5 years. The duration of stay starts from the time you have obtained your visa under this immigration category.  

Expected Processing Time

The anticipated processing time may vary due to various reasons depending on the actual circumstances of each applicant. Moreover, you may experience further delay in obtaining the decisions, as your application is of complex nature and UKVI needs more evidence to proceed your case. You may receive your decision depending on the following factors.
·          You can get the decision on the same day while using the premium service
·          The applicants applying online for the Tier 2 dependent Visa UK have to wait for 8 in order to get the decision ·     You can receive the decision within 10 days by using priority application services for the Tier 2 visa category  

Why seek assistance from an Immigration Lawyer

There are numerous reasons as to why you should contact an immigration lawyer in order to deal with your UK visa related matters. However, some of these are explained here to guide you in this regard.
·         They are the professionals
·         They know the UK immigration law better than anyone else does
·         Keeps all the hassle away from you
·         Guide you through every step, especially at the time of filing a UK visa application
·         Interact with UKVI and resolve complex immigration matters without any further delay

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