#MakeThatChange Arts Workshops

#MakeThatChange is an exciting new performing arts and social action project for 15-20 year olds. Skills sessions will be on offer in different areas, from drama to music, from spoken word to film.

As a legacy to ‘You Forgot the Mince’ the #MakeThatChange team will explore the topic of abuse through the arts; taking the lead from the young people on the project who will decide which artistic direction to take this in. Workshops will include drama, spoken word, film, photography, and grime and hip hop! It might be a project about social media bullying, toxic relationships or family breakdown – you decide! The group will then choose what kind of performance they would like to create, showing the final product at a special event in April. Local decision makers will be invited, alongside friends, family and the general public.

From January 17th, we we will be hosting workshops with a brand new group of young people. Don't worry if you missed a session, we're always open to anyone who wants to get involved. If you know any young people that would be interested in this arts project then please spread the word. 

Workshops will be held every second Wednesday from17th January, at Leeds City College, Park Lane Campus, from 6 - 9pm. 
All 15-20 year olds welcome. 
Workshops are free! Transport costs will be covered. 

For more information email admin@imagineiftheatre.co.uk.