A Brand New Positive Networking Platform In Yorkshire

The Positive Psychology Network is pleased to announce the launch of a new Yorkshire based not-for-profit, Square Peg.

The Positive Psychology Network is pleased to announce the launch of a new Yorkshire based not-for-profit, Square Peg. Square Peg exists to fulfil two key aims: 1. To create a positive space both online and in the real world for individuals and businesses to thrive, share knowledge, support and promote each other in order to develop and grow 2. To engage and provide support, advice, mentoring and grants to young entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds who have the desire to launch their own businesses or to become commercially aware in readiness for work Square Peg is the perfect combination of online and real-world collaboration. The online platform (managed by https://www.liampedleydesign.co.uk) is innovative and designed to take many of the positive aspects from social media and apply them to a space specifically designed for business. The essence of the site is to create a positive online space alongside sector and subject specific communities for discussion, knowledge share, networking and collaboration. Users will be able to add each other as contacts, post about their services, ideas, wants, needs, or even discuss problems and solutions. They have the ability to share documents, best practice, record video, and even take or offer online learning through the powerful e-learning platform built-in. Although the innovation and functionality underpinning SquarePeg is stunning, the real-world is hugely important too. What makes the platform very different to LinkedIn or Facebook is that SquarePeg runs regular local networking events in addition to the virtual world. This gives a feeling of connectedness and accountability that is missing from the other platforms. Generated through affordable monthly subscriptions, all money raised is used specifically for the growth of the member-base, the development of free resources and various community interest initiatives. Reece Coker, primary founder of Square Peg, stated “Square Peg is a real opportunity for businesses to come together and mutually benefit. With e-learning, online communities and real world events, we are really excited to see this networking platform grow and benefit more people”. Learn more about Square Peg and how we help by visiting www.squarepeg.online or sign up for our free launch event by clicking here.