Have your say on Maternity Services in Leeds

We would like to hear from women, their partners and family members who have accessed maternity services in Leeds over the past few years to find out their views on maternity outpatient appointments.

NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Partnership is responsible for making sure that the right NHS services are in place to meet the health needs of people in the city. It is looking at how maternity and neonatal outpatient services could be organised differently to ensure the Trust can provide the best possible care and choice to women and babies.

Voluntary Action Leeds are carrying out this engagement on behalf of the CCG to make sure that any formal proposals put forward by the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust are informed by you, meet the needs of women and families across the whole of Leeds and provide the safest and most effective care, therefore we would like to know your views on current maternity outpatient services, before and after a baby is born. For example, how might changes to outpatient appointments affect transport and travel arrangements, family visiting, cost to individuals and families, quality of care, access to services and the care environment or choices for women and families?

The CCG will use your views to help understand the needs of local people and how proposed service changes could impact on mums, babies and families.

To have your say on maternity services and how they might be improved in the future, follow this link to the survey....