Raising awareness to increase MMR vaccination uptake

Most of you will be aware of the recent issues around multiple outbreaks of Measles across the UK. In Leeds we know that the majority of cases have been in the Inner East part of Leeds.

However there have been cases in other parts of Leeds demonstrating the importance to increase immunity across the city. This is the highest number of cases nationally that’s been seen for a long time and on top of that MMR vaccination uptake has been showing a steady decrease.

As the MMR vaccine is protective against Measles, as well as Rubella and Mumps too, then the most effective way of tackling this issue is by supporting people to access the vaccines. It would be very helpful to support increasing awareness in the community by sharing the attached information and promoting the key messages at every opportunity.  

It would also be helpful to feedback any actions taken to help raise awareness for informing Public Health England on progress: https://publichealthmatters.blog.gov.uk/2018/01/22/measles-has-been-eliminated-in-the-uk-so-why-do-we-still-see-cases-and-outbreaks/  

Key Messages  

1. Measles is circulating in the area and can be life threatening.

2. Are they registered with a GP? If so, have they had their MMR vaccination?

3. Having the MMR vaccination is FREE to all – they should make an appointment at their GP practice.

4. MMR vaccinations protects your friends and family against three highly infectious and harmful conditions - Measles, Mumps and Rubella which are all preventable.

5. If symptoms arise, they should ring their GP or 111 and stay at home.  They should NOT go to their GP practice or A&E.

6. They can access more information via nhs.uk

7. Use adapted PHE image of symptoms as below for signs and symptoms    

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