Asset Based Community Development Facilitating Learning Project Grant Opportunity

Leeds City Council (LCC) are looking for an organisation with strong experience of and commitment to Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) to work with them to proliferate its use in Leeds.

The successful organisation will deliver a training programme to organisations who want to adopt ABCD approaches, facilitate the ABCD practitioners network and share learning widely.  

1. Background  
Leeds City Council’s Better Lives Strategy 2017-2021 places an emphasis on a strengths based approach to social care which builds on the strengths of individuals, their families and the local community - supporting people to feel better connected. Having strong, resilient and connected communities is crucial to this approach. To support this, the council has been piloting the ABCD model and approaches through a series of Pathfinders to test ideas and learn. The ABCD model works by building connections between people that live in the area and empowering them to take action on things that are important to them.   These Pathfinders have had a positive impact and have shown direct benefits to Adult Social Care and partners, as well as to the communities and individuals themselves. LCC are looking to proliferate Asset Based approaches across the city through different ways of working.   ABCD facilitates citizen led action with the outcome of better connected communities, reduced isolation and people being empowered to do more for themselves.  

2. Project Delivery  
LCC want all citizens with care and support needs to have access to a range of support in their community, and have opportunities to engage and contribute where they live. This project will support this through three work streams:
a.      Providing training for organisations looking to adopt ABCD, including practical steps for how to do this. b.      Facilitating an existing ABCD practitioners’ network, providing space to challenge and learn.
c.       Disseminate learning to a wider audience and influence the wider adoption of Asset Based principles for non-place based organisations.  

3. Resources
The total grant available is up to £20,000 per annum for two years, with work expected to commence August 2018.

For further information and an application form please email