Social Prescribing consultation now open

Give your feedback on Social Prescribing in Leeds - NHS Leeds plan to re-procure a citywide social prescribing service and would like to know what people want from the future service.

Leeds Voices have a new engagement opportunity looking at Social Prescribing. We want to hear from members of the general public, with a specific focus on those from the following seldom heard groups:

  • BME communities
  • Men's groups
  • Mental health groups
  • LGBTQ groups
  • Young people's groups
  • Older people's groups
  • Religious groups
  • Pregnancy/maternity groups
If you are an Engaging Voices partner and are going to be actively assisting your service users to fill in the survey then please contact for paper copies which can be traced to your organisation, enabling you to be paid for your time and efforts.Please also feel free to cicrulate the link to the online survey, however do remember that this is not traceable and so we are unable to pay you for any involvement in collecting online responses.

Complete the survey here -