Plastic recycling in Leeds - SORTED

With the average household throwing away over 40kg of plastic in their black bin each year, there is plenty more that can be recycled. In Leeds, it's as easy as 1, 2 and 4!

Leeds City Council is running a city-wide plastic recycling campaign during June and July, which aims to increase the quantity and quality of plastic items collected in green recycling bins.   During the campaign, a promotional flyer will be distributed to all Leeds households, providing residents with information on which plastics should be recycled in their green bin/bag.   Plastic recycling hints, tips and facts will be shared using the hashtag #PlasticSORTED throughout the campaign on Twitter @RecycleForLeeds and Facebook at /RecycleForLeeds. Waste & Recycling Advisors will be out and about holding roadshows across the city throughout the campaign, giving residents the change to get involved and play a plastic sorting game for a chance to win prizes. Details of the events will be promoted on the Recycle For Leeds social media accounts.   More information about plastic recycling can be found here