Leeds Men's Health Seminar 12 September 2018

Leeds Men's Health and Wellbeing Network is holding a seminar on the future of the Network on Wednesday 12 September, 10.00am-12.30pm, Room 2, Leeds Civic Hall.

A small group of people have been keeping Leeds Men's Health and Wellbeing Network going for a number of years as they champion better health for men in the city but now they feel is the time to hold a seminar for all those interested in men's health to look at: 'The Future of Leeds Men's Health Network or Does it Have a Future? 

This seminar will be held in Room 2 at Leeds Civic Hall on Wednesday 12 September 2018 from 10.00am until 12.30pm. The session will start with an introduction by the Chair then a brief history of the Network before in small groups the attendees will address the key question of the Network's possible future. A conclusion will then be given by the Chair.

All those with an interest in men's health are welcome to attend and please let the Network know if you are planning to attend by emailing their Secretary at: b.r.ewart@leeds.ac.uk.