650 families identified by the government and possibly hundreds more still out there...

The Windrush Heritage Fund has been established to provide on-going support and services to the victims of the Windrush scandal.
The UK government has currently identified 650 families that have been subject to the abuses of governmental policies targeting innocent people and for the most part, all of these people have been left with no proper legal, social or emotional support.
Some have died, some have suffered such emotional distress that they are now affected with mental disorders while others live in fear that they will be next.
This is unacceptable. Not only is it unacceptable it is inhumane and wrong.
It has been left to people like MP Diane Abbott and MP David Lammy to fight for justice and bring the plight of these people into the public arena and the government has apologised, but there are no guarantees that this will not happen again.
There are no plans for support services to be provided to these people and the hundreds of others who have been unfairly treated and there is no aftercare to assist them with managing the stress of these life altering events.
"Black people" for want of a better term, here in the UK and around the world have experienced every heinous act known to human kind. From slavery to exploitation, vilification and abuse, overt racism and unfair treatment, the list is endless. But they have never received full and proper compensation, reparation or protection from harm.
The Windrush Heritage fund has been established to provide this support as well as legal protection for those affected.
The fund will be set up as a trust to remain in perpetuity and to be utilised to empower "Black" communities through the protection of their rights according to Civil Law practice and to assist them financially where appropriate.
We need your help to do this. Please support the Windrush Heritage Fund, we appreciate anything you can give.
Many of these people are vulnerable and it is up to us to protect them. Give what you can it could make all the difference and thank you.