WhatsApp in the workplace and GDPR

Are you using WhatsApp at work to contact colleagues, partners or volunteers? If so, you could be at risk of breaking GDPR laws and end up in serious trouble with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

WhatsApp is a useful tool to communicate quickly and straightforwardly to individuals and groups for free.  However, the app is not necessarily compliant with GDPR guidelines when used by organisations to stay in touch with customers, clients or volunteers.  

Whilst a business version of the app is available, which according to WhatsApp is compliant with GDPR, the version most organisations are likely to be using is unfortunately not.

With this in mind, we recommend reading the article below by Jon Beech from Leeds Asylum Seekers Support Network, to ensure your organisation’s use of private messaging app is compliant with GDPR.  Jon - who also moderates the Leeds Migration Partnership website - explains below why, what organisations should do and some of the alternative secure messenger apps available.

Read Jon’s advice piece ‘Are you using WhatsApp at work?’ here.

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