Young Migrants Matter

A new project from PAFRAS in partnership with The Children’s Society, funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

Young Migrants Matter aims to provide a service specifically for young migrants aged 16-24 with insecure immigration status who are living in Leeds. For example, this might be a young person who is leaving care and is facing destitution. The service will support young people in a number of ways:

  • Emergency support and crisis intervention such as food and toiletry parcels and emergency accommodation  
  • Independent, trusted and OISC regulated advice on immigration and asylum case  
  • 1.1 and group support to promote positive mental health, resilience, confidence, self-esteem and a strong sense of belonging as a young person in Leeds    

The team comprises one full-time and one part-time Young Person’s Development Worker and we will act as key workers for the identified young person. The team is: Ally Swadling (Tel: 07422 972342) and John Williamson (Tel: 07506 724549). The YPDWs will work with the young person to help identify their support needs and collaboratively develop an action plan. The YPDWs will also help the young person to access the relevant support from external organisations and community groups as well as existing services within PAFRAS.

As part of the service we are are also looking to develop well-being activities and groups in partnership with other organisations to meet some of those needs identified by the young people we are working with.    

YPDWs will be working closely with the The Children’s Society Voice and Influence Worker. The Voice and Influence worker’s role aims to bridge the gap between frontline and influence work by working together with the YPDWs to review cases, identify trends and gather evidence. This is then intended to increase the voice of young migrants among decision makers and to inform policy. If you have any questions or thoughts please give Ally or John a call.