Free 'fungi labs' from Grow Wild

Get a team together and grow your own oyster mushrooms to learn about the fascinating world of fungi. Great for workplace team building, or for youth and school groups!

Have you got what it takes to grow a fungus?

Grow Wild is giving away free "fungi labs", giving you the opportunity to get a team together to grow and nurture your own edible oyster mushrooms (and learn about the fascinating fungi kingdom in the process)   

If you work with young people, this is a chance to inspire the next generation of mycologists, or maybe you're a third sector organisation looking to do some team building with a difference!

What's so good about fungi?

Grow Wild aims to share Kew Gardens’ vision is a world where plants and fungi are understood, valued and conserved – because all our lives depend on them. 

Fungi have the potential to unlock sustainable sources of food and material, as well as other solutions to problems faced by humanity. Despite there being more fungal species in the world than there are plant species, this is a part of the planet’s ecosystem that is rarely covered in the school curriculum or in general media, which means there are very few opportunities for the UK public to encounter or learn about fungi. 

How do I get involved?  

Apply using the online form here:

 Applications close at the end of March, and Grow Wild will let you know if you’re successful a few weeks later. Fungus labs will be delivered in the first week of May.